Thoughts of a film maker

Film Diary/308

Can’t remember when I last saw this. Long time ago.

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Film Diary/307

Just watched series 1. Excellent stuff. A brilliantly conceived show structured around a brilliantly conceived central character.

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Film Diary/306

This was my second viewing. I guess I hoped I could find some better memories this time around, but alas, no.

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Film Diary/305

Lots of bells and whistles, a great (Eastern) cast and great promise, but somehow this doesn’t deliver on the huge scale of a film it was meant to be.

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Interesting documentary on H.P. Lovecraft.

GUILTY - very funny short film by John Strong. Great example of good short film making: making use of a few resources to tell a great, visual, cinematic story.

The making of ALIEN part 2.

The making of ALIEN part 1.

Markets of Britain, a short film by Lee Titt (Peter Serafinowicz). Very funny.